Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Because Caramelized Onions Should Be Enough...

Wednesday night has become mini pizza night. It's the day after farmer's market and I generally have lots of lovely cheese and produce to pile on top of Ceres Bakery pizza crusts. It's also pizza night because Wednesday is my Monday and after a long day at the restaurant, I'm not motivated enough to make a fussy dinner.

Unfortunately, there is serious lack of groceries in my apartment. I missed the market and couldn't bring myself to go an actual supermarket (It's Summer! I'll be damned if I buy fruits and veggies that aren't from the FM!). I looked around the kitchen- 1 red onion, a frozen pizza crust, some Romano, and a little Basil from the herb garden. Looks like caramelized onions had to enough. I'm fine with that. I love onions and I really love them when they're all caramelized and sweet.

So I threw some olive oil in a pan, added the thinly sliced onion, cooked and cooked until golden, deglazed with some white wine, and then blasted them until they deepened in color. Sprinkle them with a little Fleur de Sel (why not?) and your good to go. I was tempted to eat them right out of the pan...thankfully, I was able to resist. Looking back, I probably saved myself from feeling very very guilty.

After brushing the pizza crust with olive oil and drizzling it with a little Malpighi Saporoso, I added the onions, basil chiffonade, and Romano. Popped it in a 400 degree oven until it was bubbly and golden. As if that wasn't enough- I broke out the white truffle oil and gave the warm pizza a quick drizzle. In one word- YUM.

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mr.sound and mrs.sound said...

When ever I'm hungry and tired of preparing a lot of things. I go with myself made onion rings. I just crack a egg and add some corn starch and dip those nicely sliced onions on it and dip fry it. This snack is good enough to make a substitute for any other finger food.:)