Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why!? I'll tell you why...

Recent developments in my life have lead me to make a few resolutions to myself:

1. Get back to daily hikes, gym outings, or just general physical activity...I miss nature and jogging. (I've been ridiculously stressed as of late- my mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I moved and started a new job, among other things...needless to say, I've been all sorts of unmotivated).

. Stop hording recipes...and start TESTING and adapting them. (For over two years I've bookmarked ambitious and not-so-ambitious recipes from various food blogs/websites/etc- it's time to start putting them to good use...the goal is one sweet, and one savory recipe trial per week...we'll see).

Improve and hone my photography skills, food photography in particular.

Start blogging. I'm an avid blog reader...I'm jealous of gorgeous blogs like Nordljus and Cannelle et Vanille (as well as many others), so I figured it's time to stop admiring (well, continue admiring) and start my own...besides, I need an outlet for all of the recipes I'll be testing, and photos I'll be taking. I'm not going to lie, my passion for food will probably dominate this blog, but I hope to include other info and updates. My obsessions are varied and constantly changing, I'm sure my posts will reflect that.

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