Thursday, July 10, 2008

Behold! The World's Tiniest Kitchen...

...Well, maybe not the tiniest - but certainly the most inconvenient. As you may have noticed, I have ZERO counter space. No where to cut/dice/chop/mince comfortably. Sure, I have about 2 feet of tile between my sink and my oven - however, the oldest, most ridiculous microwave on the planet is oh-so conveniently located directly in front of my face...I can't see my about dangerous.

My other gripe? All of my cupboards are full of equipment...plates, pans, ramekins, sheetpans, pots, etc. (I'm a cook! I work in professional kitchens! I acquire A LOT of kitchen equipment...and I have a really hard time parting with things I might need someday) You're probably asking yourself "Where does she keep her food?" The answer? In that tall chest of drawers you see above. That's right, all of my spices, oils, grains, and miscellaneous canned goods (etc.) live in what appears to be, a piece of bedroom furniture (Not that I would know, I found it in the broken sauna that's been converted to "storage"...finders keepers...).

Other fun details:
+The burners on the oven are totally uneven- and you have to jiggle them around to ensure they're in the proper position, or they won't work.
+It's freakin' dark in there! I have a light above the sink, and an oven light - that's it. There is also a ceiling light- but it turns on and off on it's own, whenever it wants. At this point, I don't even bother using it.

When moving into this studio, my first concern was, of course, "Where am I going to put my KitchenAid?" Thankfully, the people that lived here before me left a semi-decent butcher's block table...the perfect place to showcase the heart of my mixer. The table also serves as home to all of my baking ingredients (As well as parchment, ziplocs, aluminum foil, and cling wrap...oh! and all of the kitchen rags and towels, so basically everything I couldn't fit into the chest).

So while this isn't my dream kitchen...and even though I found it necessary to dedicate an entire blog post to bitching about it...I guess it could be worse, I'm not really sure how- but I'm sure it could be.

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Leslie said...

Its amazing that you come up with such delicious things in a kitchen with carpet!LOL
I guess we all make due with what we have!
Thanks for your visit to my blog..yes the coconut shortbread is very yummy and I am sure your boyfriend will love it!