Sunday, July 6, 2008

Surgery and Salmon...

People bring lots of food when they find out someone is sick, or has had a surgery, or there's been a death in the family. For me, food is much more than fuel for the body- it's a universal language. Everyone eats, regardless of religion, race, or location. Food is comforting- it brings people together. And most importantly (in this situation), food helps people over come stresses and obstacles - it nurtures not only the body, but the soul. (That sounded much less ridiculous and sappy in my head...c'est la vie).

My mom had a lumpectomy last Tuesday- I came home for the week to help with her recovery, feed the family, and just be all around supportive. Lucky for me, we've been overwhelmed (in a good way) with random dishes and gifts of food. My favorite offering thus far, the salmon pictured above. It had been gutted, wrapped in a newspaper, thrown in a plastic sack, and sent home with my sister. I can't wait to eat it.

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